In addition to working with the academic community in deep water, we are proud to offer inspection-class ROV services at affordable rates using our newly acquired Blue Robotics BlueROV2.  This ROV offers a nice feature set including:

  • Small, maneuverable and portable.  Easily operated off of small boats or in tight spots
  • 100m depth rating
  • High definition, low light camera provides 1080/30fps video
  • 4 high brightness, dimmable LED lights to ensure proper lighting of targets
  • Equipped with a gripping arm for deploying or retrieving objects


What are Inspection-class ROV services:

An inspection-class ROV is typically a small ROV designed to be a swimming camera and not much more.  They tend to be small and lightweight to simplify deployment and operations.  They can operate in places that are too small or dangerous to send divers.

Due to their size, their ability to manipulate the environment is limited.  Think of it as a tiny diver with a camera strapped to their head and their arms tied behind their back, but with brighter lights and more maneuverability.


Why use our services:

ROV inspection services are frequently used in a wide variety of fields.  These can include:

  • Utilities inspections
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Industrial inspections
  • Law enforcement evidence search and recovery
  • Civil engineering inspections
  • Research studies
  • Vessel bottom and propeller inspections
  • Fisheries surveys
  • And more!


Why use a ROV instead of a diver:

We don’t see a ROV as a replacement for a diver, but instead an additional resource.  A diver will always be more capable than an ROV, especially in shallow or murky waters.  But there are additional issues to consider with divers.  First and foremost is safety.  Some places it is easier and safer to put a machine in harms way than a person.  Second is cost.  Due to the risks involved, divers often cost more than what we do, especially if dive tenders or additional specialized equipment is required.  Another point to consider is that a ROV can augment dive operations by allowing third parties (the customer or inspectors) to help plan or direct the dive thereby increasing the efficiency of the work.  A ROV will not always be the right decision, but one frequently can justify the expense.  Contact us to talk about your job, and we’ll give you our honest opinion!