Chris Lathan – Owner & ROV Operator

Nearly 20 years in the salvage, search and recovery and deep submergence experience

After receiving a degree in Ocean Engineering almost 20 years ago, I began my career working with a major Navy salvage contractor, where I gained first hands on experience with marine operations.

Wanting to spend more time in the subsea field, I moved on to work with Marine Sonic Technology using side scan sonar systems. I was one of the principle designers of their HDS line of sonar systems. I was involved with frequent, in water systems testing and other demonstration and training sessions working with academic research institutions, FBI dive ops, various local sheriffs offices, and Navy interests including autonomous vehicles (both subsea and surface craft). This gave me hands-on, working knowledge of electronics design and maintenance that has served me well ever since.

Wanting to be even more involved subsea, I became a member of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute’s (WHOI) DSV Alvin operations team. I worked during the 2011 submersible overhaul designing, building and testing various components of the submersible. When Alvin started its at-sea operations again, I was on board the research vessel Atlantis for several years ensuring the vehicle was in operational condition daily. During this time, I became familiar with at-sea operations and eventually became the lead electronics technician and was qualified as a pilot for the submersible.

I have since moved on to work as an independent contractor, still working with WHOI, for the work-class ROV Jason. I operate several months a year at sea as part of the core operations group as a pilot technician. During these operations, I typically work with both researchers and engineers to perform a wide variety of tasks at depths up to 6000m.

With our recent acquisition of a BlueROV2, I am proud to offer inspection services at affordable rates. Put my skill set and experience to work for you on your next inspection task. Contact me for details and for scheduling information.